Monday evening the Plymouth Common Council conducted a public hearing for additional appropriations.  The council had approved the additionals during their last meeting but when Clerk-Treasurer Lynn Gorski attempted to submit the additionals to Gateway it was determined the newspaper advertisement did not meet the 10-day requirement.

The additionals include $50,000 for engineering to cover demands for additional consulting engineer work.  During the prior meeting, the council discussed the possibility of hiring another full-time engineer since outsourcing could cost as much as $200,000 this year.   

Other additionals in the resolution were $170,000 for the Cum Cap Development Fund, $16,800 for the Cum Cap Improvement Fund, and $566,398 for the cemetery.  The city council also appropriated $1,032,000 from ARPA funds for the Lifelong Learning Network and $68,609.25 for a new ambulance chassis.    

The additional resolution also accepted two donations: $1,500 for the city Monetary Gift Fund for the Mayor’s Months of Music, and $1,400 for a Park Gift fund.

Resolution 2023-1051 for the Additional Appropriations was approved two weeks ago and again during Monday’s meeting.