Last week the Plymouth Common Council heard the first reading of an ordinance setting a new rate for meals and mileage for city employees and officials who travel to training, conferences, and events for city business.

Clerk-Treasurer Lynn Gorski in 2008 the city passed an ordinance that allowed employees to eat three meals for $26 per day.  In 2019 the ordinance was revised to designate a certain amount for each meal, $6 for breakfast and $10 each for lunch and for supper, still $26.   Gorski said this new ordinance will allow $13 for breakfast, $15 for lunch, and $26 for supper.  A tip of not more than 15% will also be reimbursable.

Gorski also clarified that if any meals are included in the conference the meal wouldn’t be reimbursed. 

Councilman Don Ecker asked how the tip was designated and the clerk said it was the amount in the original ordinance.  Sean Surrisi, the city attorney said, “The thought was it’s a respectable percentage that isn’t excessive and not considered low in the restaurant industry.” 

The city’s reimbursement for mileage will be paid at the standard rate established by the State of Indiana Dept. of Administration.

The second and third reading of the ordinance will be held on May 22nd

The Council also approved on the second and third reading an ordinance amending the fee charged for legal advertising in the newspaper.  The cost increased from $20 to $35 to cover the price increase for advertising in the Pilot News and for office expenses.