The Plymouth High School Speech Team is raising money to help send 12 students to the National Tournament in Phoenix, Arizona next month.

The total amount needed to send the team members, coaches, and judges is $16,000.  Costs include $6,000 for airfare, $6,000 for hotel accommodations, $2,000 for event registrations, and $2,000 for vehicle rental.  Speech Coach Dan Tyree said they are taking five judges along with the coaches and the school doesn’t pay the cost for coaches or the judges.

Speech students have been fundraising and are expected to pay about $350 toward the total cost and that cost can be difficult for families to raise.

The PHS Speech Team will conduct a fundraiser on Wednesday with the goal of raising $6,000.  PHS Speech students participating in the national tournament will perform at the Annual PHS Speech Showcase on Wednesday, May 17 at 6:30 PM in the Historic Rees Theater.