At today’s Indiana State Board of Education (SBOE) meeting, the Indiana Department of Education (IDOE) presented a first look at the state’s ongoing work to rethink the high school experience. This included an overview of the recently completed Indiana Graduation Landscape Analysis, as well as future, collaborative work that will take place as part of this process. 

“As the knowledge and skills necessary to meet future economic demands continue to grow, K-12 schools across the country are faced with the same question: how do we ensure that when students graduate, they have a clear, seamless transition to employment, enrollment, or enlistment leading to service,” said Dr. Katie Jenner, Indiana Secretary of Education. “In addressing these shared challenges, we have an opportunity in Indiana to lead…driving a multi-faceted approach to rethinking the high school experience, and ultimately, lifting all our citizens to better lives through education.”

The Graduation Landscape Analysis presented today marks the first step in what will be a collaborative and comprehensive, yet expeditious, process of rethinking high school in Indiana. The analysis includes an in-depth look at how Indiana’s graduation pathways and diploma requirements have evolved over time, as well as examples of graduation/diploma practices in other states. The analysis also includes stakeholder engagement to begin identifying opportunities to ensure every student has access to rigorous coursework that is individualized and purposeful for their unique path.

Moving forward, this work will focus on three key areas: 

  • Diploma requirements – Making high school diploma requirements more flexible and relevant to students, employers, and communities
  • High-quality work-based learning – Improving access to high-quality work-based learning opportunities
  • Credentials of Value – Increasing access to high-value postsecondary credentials before high school graduation, as well as the number of students earning these credentials

With the Graduation Landscape Analysis completed, the department will begin the process of refining the courses and course sequences currently required for high school graduation, as well as developing – in coordination with the Commission for Higher Education, Department of Workforce Development, and Governor’s Workforce Cabinet – shared definitions of credentials of value and high-quality work-based learning. Stakeholder engagement will continue to be a crucial part of this work. IDOE will share a progress update, including an overview of stakeholder feedback, with SBOE in fall 2023.

The presentation from today’s SBOE meeting is available here.