During Monday’s County Commissioner meeting, the commissioners appointed their five members to the Regional Sewer District Board.   

Commissioner President, Stan Klotz said they interviewed seven candidates for the five positions.  He said one candidate removed himself because he didn’t live in the regional sewer district.  Klotz said all of the candidates were very good.  He said the name of the sixth candidate was forwarded to the County Council for consideration as their sole appointment to the Regional Sewer District Board.  

Appointees by the County Commissioners were Brenda Meyers from Lawrence Lake and Thomas McFadden from Lake Latonka.  They will each serve 4-year terms.   Diann Parsons from Cook Lake and Jay Stone from Myers Lake will serve 3-year terms and Debbie Palmer from Myers Lake will also be a board member with a 2-year term.

Commissioner Kevin Overmyer said, “All the candidates came prepared.  They were informative and a great group of candidates with diverse backgrounds that will be an asset to the Regional Sewer Board.”

Commissioner Mike Burroughs said he was appreciative of the candidates coming forward to serve the county.  He said they have been listening to their neighbors and friends, both pro and cons will serve the district well. 

The Commissioners appointed Tom McFadden to serve as Chairman of the Regional Sewer Board.