Last week Plymouth Utility Superintendent Donnie Davidson asked members of the Board of Public Works and Safety to approve an amendment to the agreement between the Pretty Lake Conservancy District and the City of Plymouth. 

Davidson said the Pretty Lake Condominiums had initially decided not to join the Conservancy District years ago when the residents surrounding the lake created the district and entered into an agreement with the city. 

The condominiums have experienced the failure of their septic system and need to join onto the Pretty Lake Conservancy District.   According to Davidson, each of the 32 condominium owners will have to pay the same connection fee as all other users.

Davidson said the current agreement allows the conservancy to pump up to 40,000 gallons daily into the city’s system.  It’s expected the 32 condominiums will create 7,000 gallons daily bringing up the total for 18,000 to 20,000 daily, well below the agreed amount.    

The Plymouth Board of Public Works and Safety unanimously approved the amendment.