A plan to fix the flooding issues that have impacted the Marshall County Neighborhood Center was proposed by Plymouth Utility Superintendent Donnie Davidson during Monday evening’s Board of Public Works and Safety meeting. 

Davidson presented a flood control solution that would be constructed at the corner of Garro and Plum Streets. The property is the former Eagles Lodge and is across the street from the Marshall County Neighborhood Center. Davidson said, “Historically that area has received a lot of flooding. Recently it caused major damage mainly to the Neighborhood Center.”

Davidson said they looked at replacing the storm sewer by taking the stormwater all the way to the Yellow River.  He estimated the cost of that project at approximately $1M without a guarantee that it would be successful. The Utility Superintendent also doubted that the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) would approve a large amount of water going directly to the river.  He felt the DNR would rather the city find a solution for a slower release or absorption project.

The property belongs to Dennis Cripe and he has agreed to sell it to the City.  Davidson said two appraisals were done on the property and the two have agreed to a purchase price of $170,000.  Davidson said the agreement includes an easement along the railroad tracks to accommodate a water main extension project. 

The city will demolish the building and secure the property this year. The design phase of the retention basin will begin late this year with hopes construction will begin late 2024 or early in 2025. Once completed the area will be fenced because Davidson anticipates the retention basin to be up to 6 feet deep.

The Board of Public Works and Safety approved moving forward with the plan.

Davidson said he expects the property will be purchased and the building demolished by mid-summer.