Next week during the May 1st meeting of the Marshall County Commissioners they will open bids for this year’s Community Crossing matching grant projects and the additional paving projects.

Community Crossing projects are 10B Road from State Road 17 to the County Line which is a 3-mile stretch, Queen Road from U.S. 30 to 6th Road at 1.75 miles, and Plymouth Goshen Trail from the city limits to U.S. 30 which is just over 1 mile. That is a total of 6 miles of paving by an outside contract through the bidding process. 

Earlier this month Marshal County was awarded $1 million from the state for this year’s matching grant projects.  The county is required to match the million by 25% or $250,000.  Early estimates by Highway Superintendent Jason Peters for these three projects come in at about $1,531,000 which is well above the 25% match.  The county will pay anything over the $1 million grant.

The additional paving projects will be paid for using county funds. The projects submitted include a 5-mile stretch of 9th Road from Pioneer Drive to Union Road, Muckshaw Road from 14th Road to State Road 10, a 1.5-mile portion, King Road from just south of 11th Road to 12B Road about 1.25 miles and 1 mile of 13th Road from Peach Road from Olive Trail.     

Peters told the commissioners he will be at the Local Transportation Asset Management Conference on May 1st and 2nd and won’t be able to attend the bid opening.