In a recent release from Senator Mike Bohacek’s office, he discussed the Republican proposed budget.  

Bohacek said, “Senate Republicans unveiled our proposed state budget last week. I’m pleased to report our budget proposal is balanced and includes historic funding for K-12 education.”

The senator went on to say, “Our budget also delivers on our caucus agenda items of increasing salaries for Indiana State Police and paying down our long-term pension obligations.”

Budget highlights included $3.1 billion to the Pre-1996 Teachers’ Retirement Fund, which, when fully funded, will free up $2 billion in the state’s biennial budget.  Also included is $2.5 billion in new money for K-12 education, including $1.1 billion in new tuition support and eliminating textbook fees for all families.

The proposed budget has $95 million to increase pay for State Police, conservation, and excise officers; $500 million to help local communities with capital projects, and $225 million to create an optional local public health grant that counties can use to improve public health services, along with $35 million to expand the state’s mental health infrastructure and support.  Senator Bohacek noted that there is $75 million to help local communities invest in housing development.

To learn more about the republican budget proposal, click here.

Senator Bohacek represent all of Marshall County except German Township.