Marshall County Circuit Court Judge Curtis Palmer has announced his retirement date.  It will on be March 31, 2024.

An Argos graduate and now Plymouth resident, Judge Palmer has presided on the Marshall Circuit Court bench since March of 2008. Prior to that, he was elected Marshall County Prosecuting Attorney from 1996 through 2008 and a deputy prosecutor for the ten years prior to that.

“While my retirement date is almost one year away, I felt it was appropriate to give all those persons interested in applying for the open position sufficient notice to make whatever professional preparations they felt might be necessary.

After regularly campaigning for office over the past nearly thirty years, I have no desire for another round. Political campaigns and elections, even at the local level, are not what they once were. I will also be turning sixty-five in March of next year, and feel it is time to pass my responsibilities on to the next generation.

For all of those families who have crossed my path while I have served as a judge or as a prosecuting attorney, my hope is regardless of the outcome, they felt treated fairly by me, by the courts, and by the criminal justice system.”

Governor Holcomb will have the opportunity to appoint a replacement Circuit Court Judge as of April 1, 2024, who would serve until a successor could be elected in the general election in November of 2024. Once elected, each circuit court judge serves a six-year term.