Tuesday evening the agenda for the Plymouth Plan Commission meeting included three minor subdivision requests.

Steve and Mary Engel were approved to split 10.8 acres at 14559 5C Road into two parcels.  The homestead parcel will be 5.86 acres and the agricultural parcel will be 4.79 acres.  The Engels will be selling their home and leaving Indiana.  They will keep the ag land. 

During the Public Hearing, the neighbor Dennis Smith asked if another home could be built on the second lot. The Engels said they intended to keep farming the north lot. 

The second request from Joe and Pat Adams at 10715 Muckshaw Road is to split off a 1-acre lot so a family member can build a home on the property.

Last month the Board of Zoning Appeals approved a variance for the lot because the city requires the lot to be 201 feet wide and a portion of this lot will only be 100 feet wide.  It was also noted that there will not be an additional driveway cut, the home will use an existing driveway through an easement.   

With no comments during the Public Hearing, the Plymouth Plan Commission approved the minor subdivision by a vote of 8-0.

The final request before the Plan Commission came from Lawrence Katz and HDJ Investments at 7908 Queen Road.  They wanted to create a minor subdivision by splitting off a 15.19-acre parcel from the existing 28 acres.  Devon Hochstetler owns the 50 acres directly to the east and wants to purchase this acreage which will give him direct access to his other property.  The 15-acre tract runs east and west and will be on the north side of the property. It was commented that the ground will most likely be placed in a conservation preserve.   

The remaining portion of the property houses K-Industries and a forested area.  

There were no comments during the Public Hearing and the Plymouth Plan Commission approved the request by an 8 to 0 vote.