Marshall County Attorney Jim Clevenger discussed the interview process for the seven applicants that are interested in serving on the Regional Sewer District Board. 

In December the county was granted approval from the Indiana Department of Environmental Management to create a regional sewer system to assist homeowners who struggle with old and failing systems and small lots without space to locate a second septic field. 

In applying for the permit, the commissioners proposed a 7-member board to oversee all the works of the regional sewer district.  They will make the decisions of which projects will be completed, when they will happen, and how they will be funded.  The county commissioners will appoint 5 members to the board while the county council and mayor of Plymouth will each have one appointment. 

The commissioners will conduct an executive session on April 17 at 1 pm for the purpose of interviewing candidates for the Marshall County Sewer District. It’s anticipated that the applicants are still interested and willing to volunteer their time and talents for this major undertaking in our county.

The hope is that the Regional Sewer Board will begin working in the next month or two.