The Plymouth Community School Board meets Tuesday evening, April 4th at 7 P.M. in the Administration Board Room of the corporation’s central office behind the high school. 

The agenda for the meeting includes the monthly claims, acceptance of retirements, resignations, leaves, terminations, appointments, transfers and student activity requests.    


  • Julie Good, Menominee Kindergarten Teacher, retirement effective 06-02-23
  • Ralph Berkeypile, Bus Driver, retirement effective 06-03-23
  • Janet Manuwal, PHS, 2nd Shift Custodian, retirement effective 07-17-23
  • Sandra Cartwright, LJH, Principal’s Secretary, retirement effective 05-10-23


  • Kilea Girten, JEF, ESSER Aide-Kindergarten, resignation effective 03-31-23
  • Jack Johnson, Bus Driver, resignation effective 03-17-23
  • Breann Milam, WDA, ESSER Aide-Kindergarten, resignation effective 04-06-23
  • Sarah Andrews, RIS, Attendance Secretary, resignation effective 06-09-23
  • Sarah Andrews, RIS, Athletic Secretary, resignation effective 06-09-23


  • Joshua Carlton, Computer Maintenance Technician-Bus Driver, effective 04-03-23
  • Nelda Love, LJH, 7th and 8th Grade Language Arts Teacher, effective 08-07-23
  • Sarah Morrison, JESSE LEA, Substitute Language Facilitator, effective 03-13-23
  • Melissa Shanks, PHS, Tennis Assistant Girls Coach, effective 03-13-23
  • Sarah Smith, PHS, Tennis Assistant Girls Coach, effective 03-13-23
  • Payton Skirvin, PHS, Baseball Assistant Coach, effective 03-13-23
  • Matt Haug, PHS, Baseball Assistant Coach, effective 03-13-23
  • Reid Gault, JEF, Elementary Summer School Principal, effective 06-05-23
  • Ana Exiga, JEF, Elementary Summer School Secretary, effective 06-05-23
  • Karlie Gibson, JEF, Summer School Kindergarten Teacher, effective 06-05-23
  • Lori Vance, JEF, Summer School 1st Grade Teacher, effective 06-05-23
  • Bianka Tinklenberg, JEF, Summer School 2nd Grade Teacher, effective 06-05-23
  • Casie Jo Shanyfelt, JEF, Summer School 3rd Grade Teacher, effective 06-05-23
  • Bryan Kratzer, JEF, Summer School 4th Grade Teacher, effective 06-05-23
  • Jeanne Tanner, JEF, Summer School 5th Grade Teacher, effective 06-05-23
  • Megan Walleske, JEF, Summer School 6th Grade Teacher, effective 06-05-23
  • Jennifer Barcus, JEF, Summer School Kindergarten Aide, effective 06-05-23
  • Samantha Schaeffer, JEF, Summer School 1st Grade Aide, effective 06-05-23
  • Robin McCarthy, JEF, Summer School 2nd Grade Aide, effective 06-05-23
  • Natasha Edwards, JEF, Summer School 3rd Grade Aide, effective 06-05-23
  • Schae Stein, JEF, Summer School 4th Grade Aide, effective 06-05-23
  • Angela Pearish, JEF, Summer School 5th Grade Aide, effective 06-05-23
  • Catherine Fritz, JEF, Summer School 6th Grade Aide, effective 06-05-23
  • Nikki Pittman, JEF, Summer School Substitute Secretary, effective 06-05-23
  • Emily Hoffer, MEN, Speech Language Pathologist, effective 08-07-23


  • Krista Everdon, ADM, Substitute Teacher Transfer to PHS, Special Education Aide, effective 03-10-23
  • Bryan Schuler, PHS, Baseball Summer Head Coach Transfer to PHS, Baseball Assistant Coach, effective 03-13-23
  • Ashley Strahla, ADM, Substitute Teacher-Aide Transfer to JEF, ESSER Aide-Kindergarten, effective 04-03-23
  • Rebecca Walters, LJH, Attendance Secretary Transfer to LJH, Principal’s Secretary, effective 04-05-23
  • Lindsey Stiles, LJH, Lunch Clerk-Office Aide Transfer to PHS, College and Career Coordinator, effective 06-02-23
  • Erin Morris, ADM, Substitute Teacher-Aide Transfer to WDA, Substitute Aide, effective 04-11-23

During the Business Transactions, Superintendent Mawhorter will present an appointment for the position of Jefferson Elementary Principal and Jen Felke will give an update on the North Central CTE Program.  The school board will consider permission to apply for grants, receive a presentation of natural gas purchasing and consider the 2023 Summer School programs.  The superintendent will also give a legislative update. 

The Plymouth school board meeting is open to the public and there is an opportunity to ask questions and comment on agenda items.