The four elementary schools in the Plymouth Community School Corporation have been working on a redistricting project.

There are several reasons for the redistricting, one is to reduce the amount of time students are on the bus, to allow all the schools to begin their day at the same time without losing education time, and balancing out the students and classrooms in each elementary school.  The school corporation would like to offer preschool opportunities at all 4 schools that would make an easier transition for kindergarten students and work toward a daycare program. They are already in the process of getting all four schools STEM certified and want academic excellence for all students with similar education in all four buildings. 

On February 15th the corporation held a public meeting at Lincoln Junior High to present the two initial options for redistricting and hear comments, questions, and concerns from the public. 

Since that meeting, the redistricting committee has been meeting and reviewing the information gathered.  With that additional information, they have created a third option and are ready to meet with the public and present another alternative and hear comments and possibly have some answers.      

The Plymouth Community School Corporation will hold a public meeting to discuss the plan to redistrict on Tuesday, March 28, at 6:00 pm in the Plymouth High School cafeteria. Participants are asked to enter through Door #1.