This week, Sheriff Matt Hassel told the County Commissioners the vehicle he ordered in August to replace a patrol vehicle totaled in the spring of 2022 is no longer in production at Ford and the order won’t be filled. 

The Sheriff had ordered a 2023 Ford Explorer Interceptor to replace the 2018 Ford that was totaled in May when a vehicle failed to stop at a stop sign at Fir and 7th Road.

Sheriff Hassel contacted Auto Park in Plymouth and found that the 2023 Dodge Durango’s are still in production.  The quote from Auto Park was $42,704.

With more bad news, the sheriff said they had another patrol vehicle involved in an accident on February 21st.  A week ago, the insurance company called and said while Lincolnway Auto Body was repairing the vehicle more damage was found, and they decided to total the vehicle.  Now the Sheriff’s Department is down two vehicles.

Sheriff Hassel asked for approval to purchase two new 2023 Dodge Durango’s from Auto Park.  The total amount was $85,408.  There is some urgency because there is a chance that production could halt at any time without any warning. 

Commissioner Stan Klotz asked about funds and the sheriff said the insurance company has paid about $50,000 for both vehicles.  He will need to seek an additional appropriation from the County Council for the rest of the funds. 

Commissioners Kevin Overmyer motioned to approve the purchase with the support of an additional appropriation from the County Council and Commissioner Klotz seconded the motion.  It passed with a 2 – 0 vote with Commissioner Burroughs absent from the meeting.