A Special meeting of the Commissioners on March 8th moved Commissioner Stan Klotz from the President’s position to Vice President and moved Commission Mike Burroughs from Vice President to President. 

At the beginning of Monday’s Commissioners’ meeting on March 20th Commissioner Burroughs was absent, and Vice President Stan Klotz opened the meeting.  After opening the meeting, he passed the floor to Commissioner Kevin Overmyer who wanted to address those in attendance and those online. 

Overmyer brought forward information from the specially called meeting and said, “The meeting was published in the paper but there was no agenda attached to the notice so, in checking with David Bottorff (Executive Director) from the AIC (Association of Indiana Counties), the motions and….  Actually, the meeting never happened so Stan you are still the president.”

Commissioner Klotz then asked, “Is that until someone gets mad again” and Commissioner Overmyer said, “no.”

With that, Klotz said he appreciated the comments and the meeting moved forward the Stan in the President’s chair.