The Bourbon Town Council met Tuesday evening, March 14th in the town hall.  Councilmen Ward Byers and Terry Clemens were present.  Councilman Les McFarland was absent from the meeting.

A public hearing was opened on the Tax Abatement request from Shell’s Inc.  Greg Hildebrand Executive Director of Marshall County Economic Development gave an overview of the proposed project.  Shell’s is currently in the process of installing a 3-D printer to print sand cores.  Shell’s is a 50-year-old company that produces cores for molds and their customers are asking for a quicker turn-around and more advances molds.  This new 3-D printer will allow them to do that.

Shell’s will be adding an additional 9 employees to their current staff of 81 with this new printing process. These new positions are high-paying jobs.  Currently, their pay scale is $25 an hour and these new positions will pay about $30 an hour. 

The Bourbon Town Council approved the resolution by a 2-0 vote confirming the Declaratory Resolution for Shells, Inc. for a personal property tax abatement.