Last week the Plymouth Plan Commission considered the application of Briarwood Estates manufactured home development on Hoham Drive to subdivide one lot off from the original development.  The mobile home park is owned by an LLC in Phoenix, AZ. 

Plymouth Plan Consultant Ralph Booker presented the application and explained that the company wanted to separate the original sales office into its separate parcel of ground.  The other lots in the development are in a horizontal property regime.  The homes are owned by individuals, but the property is owned by the LLC.  There are 92 home lots but only 28 of them currently have manufactured homes on the.

The Arizona owners told the Plymouth Plan Commission they plan to sell off the lot with the structure on it and use those funds to make repairs and improvements to the development. 

During the public hearing, one representative of the homeowner’s association addressed their concerns with the Plan Commission.  The homeowner’s monthly dues have increased.  Initially, they were $117 a month and included trash, water, and sewer.  They increased to $250 and now they are $375 with a separate water and sewer bill.   He said 183 potholes in the streets haven’t been fixed and told the commission they removed the playground equipment.  The representative also said they have no representation serving on the HOA board. 

The homeowners say they are not confident that allowing the owners to subdivide the sales office lot and structure will benefit the neighborhood with improvements.

While the Plymouth Plan Commission understood the concerns the neighbors expressed, Booker reminded them that the request has nothing to do with the operations of the development.  The request is to separate one lot out of the development.  That lot meets the city standards so there was no way they could legally deny the request. 

Some members of the Plan Commission did take the time to drive through the development having to dodge the potholes, saw the blighted conditions, and realized the playground was gone. It was also commented that the City had an issue with the owners when they didn’t pay the water bill a few years ago and the water was shut off to the families even though they had paid their monthly dues. 

The Plymouth Plan Commission approved the request to subdivide the one lot off with 6 members voting yes, 1 member – Paul Wendel voting no, and Bill Walter abstaining.  It was expressed to the owners that the city isn’t happy with the conditions of the development.