During a Special Meeting of the Marshall County Commissioners Wednesday afternoon, the motion was made by Commissioners Kevin Overmyer to reverse the roles of Commissioners Stan Klotz and Mike Burroughs. 

Overmyer said his motion was unusual but commented, “I feel that the leadership has not protected the integrity of this body of commissioners or this executive body.”  His motion was to reverse the roles and have Stan Klotz become the Vice-President of the County Commissioners and Mike Burroughs become the President of the board.  Overmyer said he felt this change in leadership would benefit everybody. 

Commissioner Klotz then asked, “You are basing this on the fact that I don’t agree with some of your decisions?”  Overmyer said, “I’m basing this on what I have seen going on.”

Klotz then asked County Attorney Jim Clevenger if they had the authority to make that kind of change and Clevenger said, “Yes, they do.  They can elect their leadership and if they think under these circumstances that it needs to be done, then it needs to be done.”   

The motion was seconded by Mike Burroughs and the vote was 2 yes, Burroughs and Overmyer with Mr. Klotz voting no and saying, “The motion carries for now.”