Tuesday evening the Culver Town Council honored Deputy Chief Chad Becker with a Proclamation of Gratitude.

Police Chief Wayne Beam told the council that he wanted to honor an employee that has been with the Culver Police Department for just over 25 years. At that time, he called Chad to the front of the room and said it’s been a pleasure working with him over the years. He said he’s been a real asset to the department.     

Town Council President Bill Cleavenger read the proclamation that said Becker stated on January 14, 1998, and has dedicated 25 years of his career to protect the citizens in the Town of Culver. 

The proclamation said, “Deputy Chief Becker has created positive relationships with the Town of Culver’s leadership over the past two and a half decades and encouraged the other officers in the department to maintain a department of professionalism and integrity.”

The proclamation commented on Becker’s commitment to maintain quality emergency services and how it has provided health and safety services for all of Culver’s citizens.  It also discussed his service to the Culver Community School Corporation, Culver Academies, and local businesses and the stronger partnerships it created and community pride.  The proclamation said Deputy Chief Becker’s leadership in the Police Department and in the Town of Culver has provided an example to the other officers and to all the employees of the Town.

The proclamation of gratitude urges citizens of Culver to show Deputy Chief Chad Becker their heartfelt gratitude.