Last week the Plymouth Board of Public Works and Safety heard Police Chief Dave Bacon announce that another police officer had resigned from the department.  He said Shannon Gilmer had over 19 years with the department and worked her last shift on Sunday, February 12th.  Bacon said Gilmer was going to the South Bend Police Department. 

Chief Bacon was granted approval to extend offers of conditional employment to two individuals. 

Travis Schieber is a law enforcement officer with over 8 years of law enforcement experience.  He is a certified instructor, a school resource officer, and a Plymouth High School graduate with a bachelor’s degree and is a highly qualified individual.  Schieber is already part of the 1977 Pension Plan so his transition would be seamless, and he could start immediately after giving notice to his current department.

Jakub Mark is currently employed as a court security officer in another county and before that he was a jail officer with another department in another county.  He is a Marshall County resident that graduated from LaVille High School and has gone through all the testing and background checks with no issues.