Marshall County Sheriff Matt Hassel appeared before the Marshall County Commissioners on Monday with two requests.  His first request was to apply for a grant from the Department of Natural Resources (DNR).  The grant is a Marine Patrol Grant and assists in providing police officers to patrol Lake Maxinkuckee from Memorial Day weekend until Labor Day weekend.

Sheriff Hassel told the commissioners he is asking for $20,000 in grant funds.  Commissioner Kevin Overmyer asked if the Lake Association was still assisting with funding for lake patrol and the sheriff said, “They probably contribute three times that amount.” 

The second request from the sheriff was for a pre-pay to Oliver Ford.  Hassel said four of the five squad cars have been delivered. The fifth one hasn’t been located yet.  The Sheriff asked for $76,000 from the Sheriff’s budget in the General Fund, and $35,000 from the Misdemeanant Fund.   

The sheriff also told the commissioners he saw the maps the U.S. 30 and U.S. 31 coalitions created to send to INDOT that show the county’s desires on what to do with the 30 crossroads on U.S. 30 and U.S. 31 in the freeway project.  Hassel said, “That’s the first time I’ve seen that map of 30 and 31.  I don’t know for sure how to read the map completely, but we will need an access at Pioneer and 30.  Not just us but the state highway with their facility just to the north.  We are definitely going to need that.”