The Marshall County Commissioners will meet this morning at 9:30 in the second-floor meeting room of the County Building. 

They have a full agenda with a report from the Highway Department, the Plan Commission Annual Report and Public Hearings on six ordinances including the Woolly minor subdivision, and the other five pertaining to the county’s zoning ordinance. 

The commissioners will get information on the Pell Study for U.S. 30 and 31 and Sheriff Hassel will request to apply for the DNR Marine Patrol Grant for patrolling at Lake Maxinkuckee while County Treasures Kelly Einspahr will present a contract with L&D and ask to extend hours for tax collections in May and November. 

Jennifer Daake, the County’s HR Director will suggest a revision to the Employee Benefits Insurance monthly cost, and LaPaz town Clerk Lorraine Dove is going to discuss the well water while Marian University’s Ancilla College is requesting financial support. 

The commissioners will also hear from the County Attorney, County Auditor, Public Comments, and Commissioner Items. Under Commissioner, items are an appointment to the Argos Public Library Board and a request for READI Grant public matching funds from Marian University’s Ancilla College. 

The public is welcome to attend or watch online at