The City of Plymouth will conduct its regular meetings Monday evening beginning at 6 P.m. with the Board of Public Works and Safety and the Common Council at 6:30.

The agenda for the Board of Public Works and Safety includes reports from Department Heads.  Police Chief Dave Bacon will open quotes for new police vehicles and Fire Chief Steve Holm will have the swearing-in of new personnel.  Street Superintendent Jim Marquart will open fuel bids.

Board of Works members will consider a resolution to write off uncollectable water, wastewater, garbage, and stormwater bills.  The is also a resolution to declare certain EMS bills delinquent and uncollectable. 

Council members will also hear a request presented by Mayor Senter for a 15-minute parking sign on the on Garro Street east of the alley by the post office for an unloading zone for Simplee Stated Gifts.

The Common Council will hear a proposal for police wage increases presented by City Attorney Sean Surrisi.  The Clerk-Treasurer will ask the council to consider the cancellation of outstanding unpaid warrants and the Fire Department will discuss changes to the ambulance build and the possibility of purchasing a chassis. 

The City Council will also get an update on Stellar Communities from the city attorney.

The city meetings are open to the public.  Those attending should enter through the Garros Street entrance and move to the second floor.  The city meetings are also live streamed.  Click here to join the meeting