A company from Portage, MI, Green Development Ventures, was granted an amendment to the Riverside Meadows Planned Unit Development Tuesday evening during the Plan Commission meeting.

The amendment will change the use of lot 40 at the corner of Baker Street and Dora Lane from Neighborhood Commercial to Single Family.  This amendment will allow Greed Development to construct three single-family two-story homes with detached garages on the property.

Mike West from Green Development Ventures said the homes will be 1440 square feet or 1730 square feet with a garage at the rear of the home and accessed by the alley.  He explained that the large lot will remain one piece of property and that the three homes will be rentals that are managed by Copper Bay, a property management company.

There was some concern about people parking on Dora Lane where the homes will front.  During the Technical Review Committee meeting in December, it was discussed, and the developer understood that the city did not want parking on Dora Lane with all the traffic that comes from the Carriage Green Apartments and the Riverwalk Senior Living Community.    Mr. West explained that the driveways will offer two parking spaces and the garages have two additional parking spaces so limiting parking on Dora Lane would not be an issue. 

The Plymouth Plan Commission unanimously approved the PUD amendment to permit the three new rental homes.