Triton School Corporation Superintendent Jeremy Riffle and Counselor Stacy Scheetz announced this week that one of their students won the Learn More Indiana 529 Scholarship Contest.   

Kimberlyn Potter a second grader at Triton was awarded $5,000 as the winner of the contest. The funds will be placed in her 529 account and will be used for her higher education endeavors. Kimberlyn had to share how she plans on using the funds to further her education and impact the world.   

A 529 account provides parents, grandparents, and children the opportunity to set money aside in an account before it is taxed. This means they will save more money than if they simply collected money for their higher education in a bank account. For example, if you were to invest $100 a month for 12 years, you will save $25,000 towards your college fund.