Thursday evening, members of the Marshall County Park Board were updated on the relocation of the historic trustee’s cabin. The cabin is being relocated to the Memorial Forest on State Road 17 in West Township from a property across the road from the old West School on State Road 17 at the curve with Sycamore Road.

Project chairman Dick Markley said he had spoken with the owner of Yoder’s Log and Timber Pros that day.  He was told the company is working on two projects, a home in Culver and a house in Michigan City.  Yoder plans to get the Michigan City house finished first and then will move one of his teams to the park board’s cabin project while their second team will work on the home in Culver. 

Park Board Secretary, Deb VanDeMark told members in the 2022 budget they had $73,000 for the cabin project.  They made two payments to Yoder’s Log and Timber, one for $25,000 and the second payment of $19,000.   The remaining funds that weren’t used in 2022 were returned to the General Fund so she began the process of seeking an additional appropriation of $19,000 and $5,000 to finish paying for the project. VanDeMark said Yoders will want to be paid when the project is complete so she will appear before the County Council this Thursday to request the additional appropriation.  Since the funds didn’t get advertised before the meeting, they can voice their support for the request but won’t be able to take official action until their March meeting. 

VanDeMark also said the security light is up and working and the Park Department’s mailbox has also been installed at the Memorial Forest.