Beginning Monday, February 6th, and continuing the first Monday of every month, Republic Services will be implementing a new Large-Item Pick-Up Procedure in the City of Plymouth.  Each City of Plymouth water bill customer is allowed ONE large item to be picked up the first Monday of each month, FREE of charge.  The item must meet the new guidelines set by Republic Services. 

Large items must be placed at the curb by 6:00 a.m. on the first Monday of each month.   If you have more than one large item that needs to be picked up, you will need to contact Republic Services at 574-842-4719 to make arrangements. 

Items that will be picked up must be shorter than 4 feet.  Items that Republic Services will pick up in the City of Plymouth include:

furniture (couch, recliner, love seat), mattresses, box springs, vanities, toilets that are taken apart, tables, chairs, entertainment centers that are broken down, outdoor play sets that are broken down, hay bails bailed with wire, push mowers, tillers, snow blowers with the oil and gas drained out the placed at the curb turned upside down and cans of dried paint with the lids off and the use of kitty litter in the can to soak up the paint.

Items that Republic Services will NOT be pick up include:

Concrete, automobile parts, and components including tires and batteries, cast iron bathtubs, hazardous materials or chemicals, explosives or ammunition, rocks, soil, landscape timbers or treated wood, railroad ties, riding lawnmowers, animal carcasses, garage doors or garage door openers, yard waste stumps, limbs or branches, appliances and electronic items including computers, televisions, and monitors.