During Tuesday’s Marshall County Commissioner meeting, they reappropriated over $584,000 from the American Rescue Plan (ARP) fund back into three County Highway funds.

The commissioners had appropriated the funds last year to the Highway Department but they were not spent, thus the need to reappropriate them so they are available to be spent this year.

Newly elected County Auditor Angie Birchmeier said there was confusion during the County Council meeting on Thursday evening and the council didn’t act on this particular additional appropriation request.  Instead, they recessed their meeting and will convene at 1 p.m. on Thursday to consider the reappropriation of the ARP funds for the County Highway Department. 

The request signed by Commissioner Kevin Overmyer and Highway Superintendent Jason Peters in December asked for $489,175.07 in Highway Materials, $10,455.72 in Highway Professional Services, and $84,905.45 for Highway Equipment, totaling $584,536.24. 

The commissioners unanimously approved the request to reappropriate the funds.

The commissioners also reappropriated $29,134.58 of ARPA funds for the final payment to Vermillion Systems for the security system at the Marshall-Starke Development Center.