Dick Markley, Marshall County Parks and Recreation board member is overseeing the historic West Township Trustee Log Cabin project.  The county park board has been working on this relocation project for several years but appears to be nearing completion.

During this month’s meeting, Markley said work on rebuilding the cabin at the Memorial Forest on State Road 17 could begin yet this month.  Yoder’s Log and Timber from Nappanee is currently working on a couple of projects that should wrap up in the next week or so.  At that point, a crew will be directed to begin the log cabin rebuilding project.     

Late last summer Yoder’s came in and dismantled the historic log cabin and moved the pieces to a secure location.  The logs were cleaned, numbered, and stored for the winter until the rebuilding project could start.

In late fall the foundation was poured and cured and sits ready for the construction project.

The County Park Board discussed some concerns with vandalism not only to the historic Trustee Cabin but said there had been a couple of incidents at the Trails at Mill Pond.  They discussed the purchase of security cameras in the not-to-distant future to help protect both county properties.