The Marshall County Commissioners met for a special meeting in their meeting room on the second floor of the County Building Wednesday morning, January 11 at 8:30. The special meeting was called to offer employment for the county’s H.R. position. 

President of the Commissioners, Stan Klotz called the meeting to order.  Also attending were Commissioner Mike Burroughs, County Attorney, Jim Clevenger, and County Auditor, Angie Birchmeier. Commissioner Kevin Overmyer was absent from the meeting.

The commissioners conducted an executive session on Friday, January 6th to receive information about and interview prospective employees for the position of Human Resources Administrator.

The Commissioners thanked the applicants for their interest in applying and Commissioner Burroughs then motioned to extend an Offer of Employment to Jennifer Daake as Human Resources Administrator effective January 16, 2023. Commissioner Klotz seconded the motion and it passed with a 2-0 vote.

That being the only business, the meeting was adjourned.