The Plymouth Community School Board will conduct their regular monthly meeting on Tuesday, January 10th beginning at 7 p.m. in the administration board room.  The meeting is open to the public although the purpose of the meeting is to conduct the school corporation’s business in a public setting.  There will be a time for public participation in the meeting. 

The agenda for the Plymouth School Board meeting includes the consent agenda which includes retirements, resignations, leaves, terminations, appointments, and transfers. There are two retirements on the list for consideration, Linda Holland, JESSE Director, retirement effective 06-30-23, and John Pulliam, Computer Maintenance Technician, retirement effective 01-03-23.  Under resignations there are six:

  • Casey Korniak, LJH, Special Education Aide-Intense Interventions, resignation effective 12-07-22
  • Quinn Selner, PHS, Special Education Teacher, resignation effective 12-16-22
  • Deborah Sherwood, Adult Basic Education Director, resignation effective 01-03-23
  • Nicole Schubert, Riverside Intermediate School, Assistant Principal, resignation effective 06-12-23
  • Gary Collins, LJH, Golf Head Coach, and Cross Country Assistant Coach resignation effective 01-05-23 and Girls Basketball Assistant coach resignation effective 3-31-23
  • Ann Anders, PHS, Softball Assistant Coach ECA #1171, resignation effective 01-07-23.

Appointments up for consideration include:

  • Carmen Hughes, LJH, Academic Coach – Math, effective 12-12-22
  • Alyssa Okeley, WDA, 1st Grade Teacher, effective 01-03-23
  • Colton Schuler, PHS, Volunteer Wrestling Coach, effective 12-14-22
  • Aleczandra Dolan, LJH, Track Assistant Boys Coach, effective 12-14-22
  • Shari Bloom, PHS, BPA Sponsor, effective 12-16-22
  • Bryan Ames, PHS, Pep Band, effective 12-16-22
  • Brandi Brennan, LJH-LEC, Auditorium Director, effective 08-10-22
  • Katie Foster, WDA, Elementary Student Council Sponsor, effective 01-04-23
  • Melissa Singleton, WDA, Substitute Aide, effective 01-04-23
  • Maria Figueroa, WEB, Principal’s Secretary, effective 01-03-23
  • Krista Lee, MEN, Student Teacher, effective 01-03-23
  • Susan LaFree, RIS, Temporary 6th Grade Math Teacher, effective 01-16-23
  • Mikayla Gundlach, WEB, Building Specific Substitute Teacher, effective 01-09-23
  • Nathan Hundt, LJH, Soccer Head Boys Coach, effective 01-04-23
  • Sierra Kitchen, MEN, Speech Language Pathologist Assistant, effective 01-09-23
  • Julia Kinney, LJH, Soccer Assistant Girls Coach, effective 01-09-23.

The transfers the Plymouth School Board will consider include:

  • Ronald Lovejoy, LJH, Head Custodian/Maintenance Transfer to SVC, Building Maintenance, effective 12-12-22
  • Hope Carter, ADM, Substitute Information Literacy Assistant Transfer to PHS, Information Literacy Assistant, effective 12-12-22
  • Lauren Wojcuich, LJH, Language Arts Teacher Transfer to ADM, Director of Communications and Marketing, effective 07-01-23
  • Megan Wiesenberg, LJH, Track Boys Assistant Coach Transfer to LJH, Track Girls Head Coach, effective 12-14-22
  • Tania Rangel, WDA, Special Education Aide-Intense Interventions Transfer to WDA, Title I Aide, effective 01-04-23
  • Angela Binkley, MEN, Substitute Aide Transfer to MEN, Corporation Aide, effective 12-15-22
  • Lori Haines, ADM, Substitute Teacher Transfer to JEF, Lunch Clerk-Office Aide, effective 01-04-23

Under Business Transactions, Dave Schoof will give members of the school board an update on projects including the solar projects at Washington Discovery Academy and Riverside Intermediate School, PHS Auditorium improvements, Jefferson and Webster playgrounds, and mechanical improvements.  He will also discuss some upcoming projects and increases in cost estimates. 

The Plymouth School Board also consider a resolution to amend the Joint Service and Supply Fund agreement with JESSE and new and revised policies and guidelines on first reading.