Marshall County Sheriff Matt Hassel release the December 2022 Jail Report that shows the top ten offenses for inmates being placed in the facility last month.

The 10th offense was Battery with 2, and Contempt of Court was 9th on the list with 3.  The 8th reason inmates were lodged in the county jail in December was Violation of Home Detention or Pre-Trial Release with 4, 7th was Possession of Paraphernalia with 4, and Possession of Marijuana was 6th on the list.  The top five reasons included Resisting Law Enforcement at number 5 with 5 arrests, Possession of Methamphetamine was 4th with 6 violations, number 3 was Operating While Intoxicated with 7 arrests, number 2 was Theft with 8, and the number one reason people were lodged in the county jail in December was for Failure to Appear with 22 arrests.

There was a total of 71 individuals booked into the County Jail with Argos arresting 3, Bremen having 4 arrests, Culver Police having 1 arrest, the Indiana State Police lodged 3 people in the jail while Plymouth officers made 8 arrests and Community Corrections had 3.  The officers with the Marshall County Sheriff’s Department arrested 49 individuals. 

The average daily population in the Marshall County Jail in December was 106.4 inmates.  The population on January 4th in the jail was 110 with 3 inmates serving time for misdemeanor charges, 20 inmates serving time with felony charges, and 23 other inmates have been sentenced and serving time. 76 inmates are being held in the county jail for pre-trial and 6 awaiting arraignments, with 5 individuals being held for another agency.

Of the 110 inmates in the jail on January 4th, 88 are males and 22 are females.    

Looking at the average population of the jail showed 106.4 on December 22nd.  Six months earlier the average population was 142.7 and one year earlier in December 2021 the average population was 148.9.

The report also shows 1,390 active warrants. 

Marshall County deputies investigated a total of 82 accidents in December with 70 being property damage and 12 personal injuries.  There were no fatalities in December.  County officers also completed 75 case reports and issued 12 warnings or citations.

The Marshall County Central Dispatch Center received 2,810 calls for service in December.  1,280 calls were 911 calls and 99.69% of them were answered in less than 15 seconds.