On Friday the Indiana Department of Education released the 2022 Graduation Rates for schools across the state.  The data showed a state-wide graduation rate of 86.61% of students in the Class of 2022.

The state data looks at a variety of nationalities including white.  They also offer data for students who pay for their meals and those that qualify for free or reduced meals. Additional categories include general education, special education, non-English language learner, English learners, and females and males. 

Looking locally at the totals you will see that Bremen Public Schools had the highest graduation rate in 2022 with 146 seniors and 138 graduates.  Their rate was 93.15%.  The Triton School Corporation was next in line with 62 seniors and 54 graduates giving them an 87.10% graduation rate. 

In Marshall County, Argos Community Schools were third with 61 seniors and 53 graduates.  Their graduation rate was 86.89%.  The Culver Community School Corporation was fourth on the list of schools in the county with 65 seniors and 56 graduates. This gave Culver a graduation rate of 86.15%.

At the bottom of the list of schools in Marshall County was the Plymouth Community School Corporation with 291 seniors and 248 graduates.  The 2022 graduation rate for Plymouth was 85.22% which was under the state’s average.

The two other school corporations that have students from Marshall County attending include Union North United (LaVille) and John Glenn School Corporation.   LaVille had 93 seniors and 82 graduates for a graduation rate of 88.17%.  The John Glenn School Corporation had an outstanding rate with 146 seniors and 146 graduates, their rate was 100%.