Last Week, County Plan Director Ty Adley presented a request by Kaitlin Miller to vacate the alleyway surrounding lots five and eight on Walnut and French Streets in Tyner to the County Commissioners.   

Adley said the Technical Review Committee and County Plan Commission had both reviewed the request and were recommending Commissioner approval of the proposed vacation.

During the public hearing, there were no comments heard.

Commissioner Mike Burroughs moved, and it was second by Commissioner Stan Klotz, to approve the ordinance to vacate the alley.  Motion carried 3-0. The commissioners suspend the rules and approve the ordinance on the second and third readings also.  

The Commissioners also needed to make a replacement for the Plan Commission.

Director Adley explained that Dan Voreis had resigned his seat on the Plan Commission with his term ending on December 31, 2023.   Adley requested the appointment of Michelle Mieras to the Commissioner to fill the unexpired term.

Director Adley further explained Ms. Mieras has resigned from her seat on the County Board of Zoning Appeals, which will require a Council appointment.

Commission Klotz moved, and Commissioner Burroughs seconded the appointment of Michelle Mieras to the Marshall County Plan Commission to fill the unexpired term of Dan Voreis.  She will serve until December 31, 2023.