On December 19th the Marshall County Commissioners received the first draft of the 2023 Road Program from Highway Superintendent Jason Peters. 

Peters told the commissioners there are several roads that the county has chip and sealed in the last 5 years and his goal has been to try and get back over them within 5 years.  He said after the spring they will evaluate them and see if a few are in good standing and can wait another year or two for a seal coat.  He said, “We don’t want to lose the investment we have made in them.”

The Highway Superintendent said prices are “definitely up”, with stone going up almost $5 a ton. The emulsion is up along with cold mix. 

Peters asked the commissioners to review the plan and make any suggestions or recommended changes to him by their next meeting in January.  He said his budget is well over the Local Road and Street and Motor Vehicle Highway funding he has in his budget for next year.  He estimated the cost at nearly $3,627,000.

As for the 2023 Community Crossing projects, Peters has recommended 9th Road from Pioneer to Union, 10B Road from State Road 17 to the County Line Road, and Plymouth Goshen Trail from the city limits to U.S. 30.  He estimated a cost of just over $1,531,000.  As for the adjacent roads that would be paved by the same contractor and the county would cover the cost, those roads were 9C from Sycamore to Union, Queen Road from U.S. 30 to 6th Road, and Rose Road from 6th Road to Main Street in Tyner.  The estimated cost for the extra roads is $918,750,000.

Peters said this is the first draft and nothing is set in stone until the application for Community Crossings funding is submitted.  The application process opens on January 2nd and closes on January 27th.  Peters hopes to get the application submitted in the first week.