Earlier this month the Plymouth Board of Public Works and Safety approved the dedication of Commerce Street from the Plymouth Industrial Development Corporation (PIDCO).

City Attorney Sean Surrisi told members discussions about this have been taking place for several years.  He explained that the street was not fully developed when the development was built by PIDCO so the city didn’t accept the street.  While negotiating with Pretzels Inc. on their second expansion project a discussion ensued about getting the road improved as part of helping to win the expansion project for the Plymouth industry.

PIDCO had agreed to donate some land for the project and Mayor Mark Senter had committed to moving forward and finishing the street and getting it dedicated to the city.

It was noted that PIDCO had already completed the survey work and VS Engineering is working on the design for the city.  The Plymouth Redevelopment Commission recently added the Commerce Street project to the project list for TIF District #3 to pay for the construction. The city is paying for the engineering cost using funds that were used for the Community Crossing Projects this year.

The Plymouth Board of Public Works and Safety unanimously accepted the dedication of Commerce Street.  

In other business, the Board of Public Works also approved the 2023 Animal Control Service Agreement with the Marshall County Humane Society. The agreement and cost remain the same at $30,000.