The Plymouth Community School Board approved the recommendation of Amy Collins, the Director of Food Services to create a Wellness Committee for the 2022-23 school year with a list of committee members.

Members of the Wellness Committee include Tamara Southern the head cook at Plymouth High School, Angie R Schafer a corporation parent, Annette Haining the Saint Joseph Health System Tobacco Prevention Committee, Jalysa Gibson the Youth Coordinator Tobacco Prevention Committee, Beckie Lies the NEP Community Wellness Coordinator with Purdue Extension, Allie Shook a school corporation parent and school board member, Alissa Whittaker a nurse practitioner and parent, Sara Singleton a nurse practitioner and parent, James Condon the PHS Principal, Aaron Letinski the Athletic Performance Instructor at PHS, Pam Mahler-Lee from transportation, Sandy Dunfee from the Marshall County Health Department and Aryn Eash a corporation PE Teacher.

Collins told the school board, “In addition to these community members, we will seek assistance from other stakeholders in our community, including various PTO’s and students.”  

The purpose of the Wellness Committee is to assess the current environment in each of the corporation’s schools.  They will measure the implementation of the corporation’s wellness policy in each of the corporation’s schools and review the corporation’s current wellness policy. The Wellness Committee will recommend revisions to the policy, as appropriate and present the wellness policy, with any recommended revisions to the school board for approval or re-adoption if revisions are recommended. 

Collins said, “Once the committee has completed its assessment and presented updates to the board for approval, we will then continue our work to create meaningful and lasting engagement through the whole school, whole community, and whole child model from the CDC.  This work may include but is not limited to various events, such as walk or bike to school days, health fairs, farm-to-school enrichment, long-lasting goals such as partnering with local farmers and promoting the enrichment of whole wellness for our entire community.”

In other business, the Food Services Director sought approval to increase adult food prices for both breakfast and lunch because a current review by the state found the current pricing too low.  Adult breakfast will increase from $1.25 to $1.75 and lunch in grades k through 5/6 will increase from $2.85 to $3.35 and in grades 7 through 12 the increase will be at $3.45.  She asked that the increase be retroactive to October 24th because that is when they started implementing the higher pricing and the school board unanimously approved her request.