The City of Plymouth will conduct its regular meetings tonight beginning at 6 p.m. with the Board of Public Works and Safety followed by the Common Council meeting at 6:30.

The Board of Public Works will hear from various department heads including the acceptance of a donation to the Plymouth Police Department from Beacon Credit Union, consider the 2023 Animal Control Services Agreement, and the dedication of Commerce Street at the request of PIDCO.   

The Plymouth Public Library will make a request for use of a parking lot and a one-way street closure.

The Plymouth Common Council will consider the agreement for Planning Services for 2023 and an agreement for Transportation Services.  There is also an ordinance adopting the fee schedule for the Cemetery and Parks Department and a resolution to adopt a plan for expenditure of the American Rescue Plan Act Fund of 2021. 

The city council is also expected to discuss the request for a Community Development Rebate Grant for Koontz Lake Brewery and an update on the city’s Stellar projects. 

The city meetings are open to the public and available online through Microsoft Teams.  The Meeting ID is 295 645 968 649 and the Passcode is: oWtztj