Tuesday evening the Plymouth Community School Board recognized the recent retirement of Mike Mercer as a bus driver for the corporation. 

PHS Teacher Bob Garrity recognized his long career with the school system saying that he started as a teacher at Lincoln Junior High in 1962 and taught for 45 years.  That same year he also started driving a school bus for the corporation and drove until just a few months ago.  A 60-year career driving athletes to their competitions.    

Mr. Mercer coached basketball at the junior high for 45 years and the baseball team for 30 years, commenting that the junior high doesn’t even have a baseball team anymore. 

Mike Mercer served the corporation as a substitute teacher, officiated games, ran the scoreboard, and served as the PA announcer. Garrity said, “He was the face of Plymouth.” 

Mr. Mercer was a father figure to many kids at Lincoln Junior High taking them to Notre Dame games and even on vacations.  He helped out students monetarily and sponsored kids helping to pay for their education through college.  

Mr. Garrity said, “Mike has touched a lot of people and he is more gracious than most people will ever know.  Our community is very blessed to have him.” 

Mr. Mercer was expected to attend the school board meeting Tuesday evening but his health kept him home.