The Marshall County Commissioners will meet this morning beginning at 8:30 for their first meeting in December. 

The short agenda includes a report from the County Highway Superintendent Jason Peters.  During his portion of the meeting, there will also be a discussion on the Performance Bond the county is holding for the roadways in the South Points Subdivision.  Developer Del Wenzel hasn’t addressed concerns the county has with the roadway that is expected to be accepted by the county.

County Emergency Management Director Clyde Avery will present his quarterly report and Director of Marshall County Solid Waste, Marianne Peters will bring forward changes to the Waste and Recycling Ordinance which originally required curbside waste haulers to provide recycling services.  As time has changed, recycling materials aren’t in demand and waste haulers are having to pay to move the material.  There have been discussions with the Solid Waste Road to remove the requirement to provide curbside recycling services throughout the county. 

The County Commissioners will hear a report from the County Auditor, and County Attorney and there is a portion for Public Comments which is always welcomed.   

The Commissioners’ meeting is open to the public and available live online and also on a podcast from the County website at  Scroll down to Watch Live Meetings.