Director of the Marshall County Museum, Sandy Garrison, and President of the Historical Society Board Mike Miley appeared before the County Commissioners on Monday, November 21st for their quarterly report. 

Since her last report, the museum has had an additional 1500 visitors bringing the total to 4,500 for the year to date.  She said they have also added more than 160 items to the collection including an oversized Pilgrim Farms Pickle, a 1916 Bremen yearbook, a set of 1914 courthouse restoration blueprints, and a 1951 Argos letter jacket. Garrison explained the process for determining which items they keep for future exhibits at the museum and which ones are sold to provide additional funds for the daily operations of the museum. 

The museum director told the commissioners since July they have seen almost a doubling of volunteer hours for a total of 3,975.5 hours.  She said the October Ghost Walk sold out and featured the talents of more than 50 volunteers and shared true stories of local county residents and their demise.