Marshall County Auditor Julie Fox is trying to clean things up before she leaves office at the end of the year.  Last week she asked the County Commissioners and County Attorney about a Performance Bond belonging to Del Wenzel that the county is still holding.  The Performance Bond is for the roadway in the South Pointe residential development on South Michigan Road near 12th Road. 

County Attorney Jim Clevenger said the roadway hasn’t been accepted into the county system because of concerns with cracking. 

County Highway Superintendent Jason Peters said in 2019 the county looked at accepting the road into their system but there were these cracks and some other issues that needed to be addressed before the county would release the bond.  He said some of the issues were addressed and the county did release a portion of the bond in 19.

County Auditor Julie Fox was concerned about how long the county could hold a Performance Bond.  She also was hoping to not leave issues in the office before her term expires Dec. 31st.

Attorney Clevenger said, “It (the roadway) should have been completed long before now.”  He suggested contacting Mr. Wentzel and seeing what he would like to do, fix the issues or forfeit the bond and allow the county to fix the issues so the roadway could be brought into the county’s road system.  Clevenger also had some concerns that there might not be enough money in the bond to cover the cost of the work that needs to be done and said Mr. Wentzel would have to pay the difference. 

Peters said he would get an estimate to have someone crack-seal the concrete to alleviate that issue.  Peters will also discuss the Performance Bond with Wentzel and see what his preference is.