Last week Ginny Munroe, the Culver Town Manager appeared before the Marshall County Commissioners to discuss phase III of the Lake Max Trail.  The town received an INDOT grant for the project and requires the commitment of the County Commissioners to allow working in and permitting the trail to sit in the county’s right-of-way.

This section of the trail includes initially included using a portion of Academy Road and then Sycamore Road northward to 17th Road. After working with the Culver Academy on the route, they offered to have the trail use a portion of the old railroad bed on the western edge of the campus to State Road 10 and then north on the west side of Sycamore Road.

The trail is proposed to be 9 feet wide and will be in the county’s right-of-way and or in an easement that will be provided by the Academy. 

Munroe needed confirmation to show INDOT that the county was agreeable to the plan. 

The County Commissioners asked Highway Superintendent Jason Peters to review the width of the county’s right-of-way along Sycamore Road and check to see if there are any utilities in the right-of-way.

Marshall County Commissioner Stan Klotz motioned to grant permission to use the county’s right-of-way subject to review by the County Highway Superintendent. The motion was seconded by Commissioner Kevin Overmyer and the vote was 2 yes votes with Commissioner Mike Burroughs absent from the meeting.