Jalysa Gibson, Youth Program Coordinator for the Tobacco Initiatives and VOICE through the Saint Joseph Health System released information on the National Youth Tobacco Survey. 

The survey shows that more than 2.5 million high and middle school students currently use e-cigarettes.  Among current youth e-cigarette users, more than 1 in 4 use them daily. The most used device type is disposables and almost 85% of youth users use flavored e-cigarettes. 

What does this mean?  14.1% of high school students and 3.3% of middle school students across the U.S. are putting dangerous chemicals and heavy metals into their bodies daily.  These chemicals include flavoring chemicals known to cause lung damage.  They are also inhaling nicotine, a toxicant known for causing an array of health issues and addiction. 

What can you do?  Know the risks and advocate for the ban of these devices and a smoke-free air ordinance in your county. You can do this by checking out Breathe Easy Marshall County for adults or VOICE for students.  For more information on Breathe Easy Marshall County reach out to Annette Haining at Annette.haning@sjrmc.com.