On Wednesday, November 22nd, senator Stacey Donato gathered with fellow lawmakers at the Statehouse for Organization Day the ceremonial start of the 123rd Indiana General Assembly. 

Organization Day includes the swearing-in of new and returning members of the General Assembly. This day also marks the annual first roll call of all state lawmakers and gives each Senate and House of Representatives caucus the opportunity to organize in preparation for the 2023 legislative session. 

Senator Donato said in a release, “During the first session of each General Assembly, lawmakers craft a comprehensive budget to fund government services for the next two fiscal years.”

She continued, “The beginning of the session is always an exciting time of the year. I look forward to representing Senate District 18 and working with my fellow legislators to create a balanced budget and draft important bills for the future of our great state.”

She closed by saying, “As the 2023 session begins, I encourage you to contact me with any questions or comments you may have by email at Senator.Donato@iga.in.gov or by phone at 800-382-9467.”