Arts and Artisans, a series of mini-documentaries produced by Wild Rose Moon with support from Marshall County Crossroads will celebrate its premiere with three screenings in the Plymouth, Donaldson, and Culver Communities on December 1st, 2nd, and 3rd. The mini-documentaries were created over four months in 2022 through a collaboration between professional artists and Wild Rose Moon student interns with the support of the Arts and Culture Council of the Marshall County Crossroads. “It is the intention for these four documentaries to be the first of many stories told about the vibrance of artistic practice within Marshall County and the surrounding region,” Bob Nowalk, one of the screening organizers and the subject of one of the mini-docs. “We hope everyone enjoys these stories from some of our great hometowns.”

The Arts and Culture Council began as a subcommittee of the Marshall County Crossroads Initiative. It includes members from across Marshall County’s Arts Communities. In 2022, The Marshall County Crossroads Regional Planning Team granted funding to support the media lab at the Wild Rose Moon in producing media content, primarily video, that both highlights and inspires the creation of arts throughout Marshall County.

Featured in the mini-documentaries are artist/woodworker Alfonso “Fons” Rosas, owner/operator of Gemelo Woodworks, Matthew Celmer, director of MoonTree Studios, a tour of Culver’s Paint Out event, and Robert Nowalk, artist/teacher and owner of The Unintended Curator, an art gallery in Culver.

There will be three public screenings of Arts and Artisans –  Thursday, December 1st @ 7:30 pm at Wild Rose Moon in Plymouth, Friday, December 2nd @ 2:30 pm at MoonTree Studios, Donaldson, and Saturday, and December 3rd @ 2:30 pm at The Culver-Union Township Library. Screenings are open to all with “meet the participants” receptions to follow.

Article provided by Wild Rose Moon

Photo: Alfonso “Fons” Rosas, owner/operator of Gemlo Woodworks