On November 7th Marshall County Sheriff Matt Hassel reported on the audit progress of the $67,000 surplus in the Inmate Trust Account to the Commissioners. This is the issue that the county has been in violation of during the last two State Board of Accounts audits. 

Sheriff Hassel said the auditors for Stellar, the company that provides the software for the Inmate Trust Account have determined that $55,000 of the $67,000 was owed to the Sheriff’s Commissary account.   He said the transfers have been completed.

There is approximately $13,000 remaining and the accountant, hired by Stellar believes those funds may be owed to Stellar and Telemate.

The Sheriff said all this accounting has been done without any Marshall County tax money.  The whole issue was Stellar’s failure when their computer server crashed, and the data couldn’t be retrieved.   All costs associated with the audit are being incurred by Stellar with no cost to the County.