Steve Holm, Plymouth Fire Chief updated members of the Board of Public Works and Safety on the department’s employment status Monday evening.

The Chief said with the most recent hirings, Austin Bragg who is a civilian paramedic has been working for approximately 2 and a half rounds and is working out great. 

The other two new hires, Chris Todd firefighter/paramedic, and Keegan Holland firefighter/EMT have both submitted their information downstate to the pension board and the department should be getting results back this week.  Once the results are back they can get on the work schedule.

Chief Holm said he has two more positions to hire before the end of the year or early next year.  He asked for permission to make conditional offers to Travis McVicker as a civilian EMT.  McVicker was still in the pool of candidates from the most recent hiring and has already been interviewed by the Board of Works and Safety and would be ready to start work.  

The second proposed new hire was Sydney Roda who’s been working part-time at the fire department for about a year.  Her full-time firefighter/paramedic offer would be contingent upon her physical, medical, and psychological evaluations for the pension.  Roda currently lives in Knox and works for Tri-County and is a seasoned paramedic. 

The Plymouth Board of Public Works and Safety approved the Fire Chief’s request.  Chief Holm noted that McVicker and Roda won’t begin work until the first of 2023.