Plymouth F.O.P. Lodge 195 and the Brotherhood of Professional Police Officers are currently accepting applications for this year’s Shop With a Cop and Emergency Services Program.

This annual program has helped thousands of youngsters get winter coats, boots, hats, and gloves along with warm clothing including PJs, sweaters, sweatpants, shirts, and socks.  The children who are selected to participate in the program also get to pick out a toy. 

The applications are available at all the elementary schools in Marshall County and here at the WTCA Studios at 112 West Washington Street in downtown Plymouth.  Applications are available in both English and Spanish.  They are short and easy to fill out.  You must provide the names of the parents or guardians and the address, list all children living in the home with their ages and sex along with the school that they attend.  The application asked if the adults are employed and if not, what are the circumstances.   You are asked to list your monthly income including wages, social security, child support, employment, and any other income, and list out your monthly expenses including rent or mortgage payment, electric and or gas, phone, cable, and internet, insurance, childcare food, and other expenses.

The Shop With A Cop application also asks families if they are participating in any other assistance program and if the applicant has participated in the Shop With a Cop program in the past.  There is also an area to give a brief description of the family situation.

The Shop With A Cop applications are due back to the school or WTCA by Friday, December 2nd.